Join Us! It’s Our Turn!

By Patie Millen, Principal Broker at Patie Millen Group Real Estate Brokers


There is a focused effort to bring community together to join in upholding what has been a 100+ year-long endeavor.

As a local real estate business owner, I appreciate how important our history is to the beauty and attractiveness of our town. We are highly fortunate. I work with people from across the county and I regularly hear, “we have always wanted to live in Ashland”. Some for 20-30 years, but work or other circumstances prevented it. They all love what we have!

I talk to them about what we love most about living in Ashland and Lithia Park is always at the top of that list. I am inviting the business owners, their staff and all lovers of Ashland to join in, and give to fund the repair and maintenance of the beloved Butler-Perozzi Fountain.

We have all spent time, if even only for a few moments, admiring the beautiful and stately Fountain in Lithia Park. It is a gorgeous creation from a past era that has been the backdrop for weddings, engagements, graduations and quinceaneras for generations.

Sculpted in Italy out of Fiori di Peschi marble, the story of how it came to be a treasured landmark in Lithia Park, forever connecting us with a time long ago, is both heart-warming and important.


First exhibited at the Panama Pacific International Exposition in San Francisco in 1915, Ashland residents Gwin S. Butler and Domingo Perozzi fell in love at first sight and purchased the fountain for $3,000, a large sum in those days, and arranged transportation. Weighing thousands of pounds, this was no easy feat in 1915.

A vision had been established for Ashland’s parks in 1914, to create a parks system that would expand and grow over the next 100 years. Butler and Perozzi were inspired by the beauty of the fountain and knew it would be the perfect addition to newly created Lithia Park.

Over the years the fountain has fallen into disrepair and was previously restored in 1987. Thirty-seven years have passed since then, and it is time for us to come together and show our love and gratitude for the vision and generosity of those that came before, 109 years ago.

Today the goal is to raise $800,000 to restore the fountain and establish a maintenance fund. The Ashland Parks Foundation has funded $225,000 and citizens, businesses, organizations and all who love Ashland have contributed an additional $400,000. Today we have achieved 78% of the goal.

This is where you come in! Join us! Give as you can, be part of this worthy endeavor that will honor those that initiated this beautiful vision.

The history of the Butler-Perozzi Fountain is fascinating and gives a view into Ashland over the years. It is a wonderful story. You can read more about on the Butler-Perozzi Fountain webpage