July 11, 2023 Project Update

Plans to Restore are Underway

A lot has happened since the Ashland Parks and Recreation Commission (APRC) sent out a simple survey earlier this year asking the public to weigh-in on what they would like to see happen with the Butler-Perozzi Fountain. Time and the elements have once again become a concern for those of us who cherish the historic beauty of this iconic feature of Lithia Park.

As early as 2014 APRC had identified the need to begin restoration work on the fountain. Fast forward nine years and in early 2023 the Ashland Parks Foundation (a separate nonprofit entity) decided that the effort to restore the fountain could wait no longer. Summing up the results of over 500 survey responses, the message was clear that Ashland citizens preferred that the fountain be “restored” at its current location.

With these thoughts in mind the Ashland Parks Foundation made a recommendation to APRC that offered up a hybrid plan: restore the fountain and upgrade or replace all the components of the site, including the concrete stairs and terrace, the plumbing and the electrical, as well as adding better accessibility. APRC approved the recommendation and the Ashland Parks Foundation assembled a Steering Committee to head up the fundraising campaign.

The fundraising effort kicked off on July 4, the same date the fountain was dedicated to the citizens of Ashland in 1916.

Raising the Funds to Restore the Fountain

Over the past several months much legwork has been done leading up to the kick-off of
the fundraising campaign. A Condition Assessment Report was commissioned by the
Ashland Parks Foundation to help establish cost estimates for how much and what
types of work would need to be done.

It was determined that $575,000 would be needed for the restoration of the fountain and
for the repair and upgrading of the stairs, terrace, and plumbing and electrical systems.
A Maintenance Plan was also commissioned so that once the restoration was
completed, the fountain and site would be properly maintained. Another $200,000 will
be set aside for future maintenance, bringing the total project cost to $800,000 (including $25,000 for campaign and administrative costs).

The good news is that the Ashland Parks Foundation had already earmarked $225,000
in a restricted fund for the purpose of the fountain restoration. Thanks to another large
donation from a longtime Ashland couple and several smaller donations, we are over
halfway to our campaign fundraising goal!

Now we are looking to the larger Ashland community to help us reach the finish line.
Our goal is to raise the remaining funds by the end of 2023. In 2024, we hope that the
Butler-Perozzi Fountain, which has been the centerpiece of Lithia park since 1916, will
once again shine in all its glory.